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    Are there still any raid teams attempting to go in guild? if not I would like to go ahead and start cleaning up some of the info inr egards to them.

    I do not plan to try to restart a raid team this expac, I am leaning towards raiding in 8.0, but it will still not be a super hard core team. My reasons for not wanting to be a hardcore raider still remain.



    Die Ort Die. In the Fire. Out of the fire. Die Die die.

    Why don’t you like raiding? Die to trash!

    AFAIK nobody is raiding. Running with the Knives for Orphans folks for Heroic fun.



    Drazentar is forming a raid team up for Tuesday nights at 8:30pm server time if anyone is interested send him an in game mail or check the calendar in game for invites.
    New recruits from other servers looks like it might be fun nothing *hard core* I hope they have fun and it all works out!!! 😀
    Can’t wait to raid with Ort again next expansion I’m sooo excited!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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