Dark Democracy

Dark Democracy is a guild formed in the early days of Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) release.  The guild at that time was small but the impact was big.  As we transitioned into World of Warcraft on the day of release we created the guild in game, and started a journey that has spanned almost 15 years.  In the very early days, the guild grew very fast as every new member brought friends and family and in some cases whole Guilds transitioned into Dark Democracy.  We have been through and survived all forms of guild politics, drama & tom foolery.  We are at heart a casual guild with a drive to be competitive and a place for others to enjoy the game they love.

Current Leadership:

  • Aramachas/Ortgrale – Warchief
  • Secretion/Zarawer – Officer
  • Drazentar – Officer
  • Mokojin – Officer
  • Sakobauls – Officer
  • Kierdana – Officer